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I found myself in a bottom of a tower. My head hurt so much. Wait... How do I know that I am in a tower ?

Why I'm stuck in this  spherical of darkness ? And who is the person in front of me ?

Just... stop staring and press SPACE, LEFT ARROW, and RIGHT ARROW already... Maybe something might happen, like I can go around and find out who make me...

Credits to :

Glenn Owen - 2001574792

Song : 

Only Piano - Loneliness

Sounds of Hell – Best Quality

Emotional Music - Prison of the Soul

Haunting Storm Sound

Murder on the Orient Express Justice · Patrick Doyle

Come Out And Play Music Box

 When Memories Break Music Box

Install instructions

1. Make sure you use Windows on PC

2. Download it

3. Unzip it

4.Double click .exe file


AloneGameFixed.zip 50 MB

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Dude, I found at least 3 soft locks in the game. The atmosphere was nailed, but the game design was frustrating. Deaths came from places where it couldn't be avoided, and sometimes even required to continue. Random doors towards progress which the players had no clue on which one is the right one. It isn't hard. It's tedious and frustrating. Even the game's atmosphere is almost ruined by the grammatical error which at least a third of the sentences in the game are. In the end, the story seemed to be cryptic just for the sake of being cryptic. Including the *SPOILERS*

Loop to the beginning of the game again. If it's supposed to represent the character's eternal and useless struggle, it works. It doesn't make the game any less satisfying to complete, especially after dealing with the unfair deaths and floaty super speedy controls when in stage 2 you needed precise platforming.

In conclusion, the atmosphere and theme of the game is pretty spot on, but the gameplay betrays the theme and turns it into a ragefest instead of a somber journey. If that was the point, then congratulations. Your point got across, with the price of leaving a bad taste in the player's mouth. However, for one of your early attempts, the game surely made an impression; both for the better and worse.

I hope to see more of your creations, especially when you have amassed more experience!